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Send free text messages (SMS) to any mobile phones in Chile. This free service supports almost all major local mobile networks in Chile . All messages will be delivered to Chile within seconds! There is no cost and no registration required!


Sending sms messages with our service in Chile is really easy, simple and fast. All what you have to do is type the Chile local mobile number and your desired message then click Send Message , that is it! It's that fast and that easy! It just can't be easier!


  Chile Mobiles
Below is a list of some of the supported mobile network providers in Chile , however it's still best that you send a test message to a recipient in Chile to make sure it's working fine.


+56 9 761xxxxx  mobile (Telefónica Moviles)

+56 9 762xxxxx  mobile (Telefónica Moviles)

+56 9 763xxxxx  mobile (Telefónica Moviles)

+56 9 764xxxxx  mobile (Entel Movil)

+56 9 765xxxxx  mobile (Entel Movil)

+56 9 766xxxxx  mobile (Entel Movil)

+56 9 767xxxxx  mobile (Claro)

+56 9 768xxxxx  mobile (Claro)

+56 9 769xxxxx  mobile (Claro)

+56 9 771xxxxx  mobile (Telefónica Moviles)

+56 9 772xxxxx  mobile (Telefónica Moviles)

+56 9 773xxxxx  mobile (Telefónica Moviles)

+56 9 774xxxxx  mobile (Entel PCS)

+56 9 775xxxxx  mobile (Entel PCS)

+56 9 776xxxxx  mobile (Entel PCS)

+56 9 777xxxxx  mobile (Claro)

+56 9 778xxxxx  mobile (Claro)

+56 9 779xxxxx  mobile (Claro)

+56 9 812xxxxx  mobile (Telefónica Moviles)



More, please test ...



All of our Chile SMS servers are currently up and working fine



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