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Hi. I own a private company with 80 employees. I have been a victim of continuous cyber attacks recently. We have a website to view the details of our products. Only registered members can view the details. I have noticed nearly 3-4 signups every day and the users spend all day, signing up the website manually.
When I had gone through the signup history, I found that I have been getting a lot of spam sign ups recently through my opt-in form. A few weeks ago I suddenly started to get new "subscribers" in strange patterns; 3-5 signups within a matter of an hour, every 4-5 days.
I have certain data on the website which is accessible only to the employees but now that data has also been hacked.
I need to do something to protect the data to avoid further attacks. While researching about the various methods to prevent cyber-attacks, one of the most recommended methods was IT security services.
Do you guys have a better suggestion?
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