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Technology is advancing as the world is progressing.The internet has very quickly become the essential part of our lives. Whether we are looking for information, social activities, or games, the internet is often where we turn to satisfy our needs. In the midst of all tensions, most of them find it relaxed while browsing in social sites. As I am the mother of a teenager, I am little worried about my daughter's internet habits as she is very active in social media. Although I know that most of the children of her age spend their time in social sites, being a mother, I am little tensed. Recently, I came across an article on the danger of social media for teens ( ). It focuses on few factors that the parents must make their children understand. The parents must be sure that your teenage child understands that sharing passwords can land them in hot water. The only other person who should have their login information for any social media account or website they frequent is the parent. It also asks parents to make sure the children understand the dangers and risks of meeting an unknown online friend. Always have an eye on your kids so that they will not travel in the wrong path. All those who have views on it do share it as it would be of great help to the needy.
That is really a great information and thanks for sharing.
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