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Apart from using my old Speedcross for a 100 miler, I don’t really run in shoes quite as built up as Speedcross these days. My preferred training and racing shoes are much lighter salomon speedcross 4 women's trail running shoes, Inov8 X-Talon 190 & Terraclaw 220 so it’s quite odd pulling them out of the box and seeing that familiar big heel!It’s noticeable how much more rounded the toe box is on the new model. I’ve personally never had a problem with the pointier toe of the older model but I’d imagine this one will be a better fit for many more people. I think aesthetically it makes the shoe a little nicer looking too.I’ve also become accustomed to the look and feel of the built in tongue of the EndoFit tongue/liner of the Sense Pro so the big padded tongue looks a little strange in comparison but it’s definitely pared down from the 3 and sits closer to the top of your foot.

Having been sent my customised shoe box, inside were a few hashtag challenges to help guide testing – one was to put them through their paces with those massive lugs on the bottom and see how they grip on a range of surfaces. Easy enough around here to find moorland tracks which challenge most shoes – the slick boggy mud can snag a shoe even in the summer sometimes.The main thing you might spot on the new shoes is that the grip is familiar but has been tweaked along the edges of the sole to use a full lug rather than the cut off design of the salomon speedcross 4 cs uk .I’ve always felt comfortable going straight up and down even the muddiest trails in Speedcross and the 4 is no different. Those big chevron lugs grip excellently when climbing and descending in a straight line. Just as well as any other shoes I’ve run in and I’d have no fears attacking a slick, muddy climb or descent in them.

n the past I’ve fallen a few times when traversing muddy slopes or where there’s a significant camber to the path. I nearly went over the first outing in these too but in the interests of being reasonable – slick, angled trails often mean minimal engagement with anything but the edge of the outside of your sole and perhaps in reality the occasions where I’ve fallen in salomon fellraiser fell running shoes, I’d have done the same in any shoe.The other thing I’m still a little concerned about is just how lethal these shoes are on wet rock. Having run in many other Salomon models including the Mantra, Sense Ultra and Fellraiser I think the Speedcross are the most skittish on slick rock/stone – something unfortunately in the UK that’s not uncommon so be careful!That said, I found them reasonably responsive and grippy on the wet road sections I’ve run on. On balance, the grip update is another welcome refinement on a reliable and hard wearing classic and one you could trust in most conditions.

The salomon wings pro 2 shoes uk has proven to be one of the most promising shoes in my light hiking arsenal this year. It combines a lot of different features I’ve grown to love about Salomon trail running shoes. In years past, I’ve put quite a few miles on my Salmon XA Pro 3D, Sense Pro, S-Lab Wings, and Sense Mantra. I never wore the past versions of the XT Wings series due to the tight toe box and narrow last. This new Wings Pro 2 has a wider toe box, endo-fit (inner socklike liner), a welded sensi-fit overlay, and a slightly wider last, which makes for an all-around great feeling shoe.The Wings Pro 2 fit large. I usually wear a 12.5 in Salomon shoes, but purchased a 12 in the Wings Pro 2. I probably could have gotten away with an 11.5 to be honest. The endo-fit makes for a nice a seam-free fit throughout the midfoot. The heel fits very well and is not as wide as the XA Pro 3D. The Wings Pro 2 fit a lot like the S-Lab Wings, but with a little more space in the midfoot and toebox. Speaking of, the toe-box is the biggest improvement over previous versions of this shoe, as Salomon has removed the solid rubber toecap and made the toe area a little wider.The Wings Pro 2 is nearly identical to the Slab-Wings, with the only differences coming in the midsole, and some of the materials used for the upper. You’ll see me refer to the Slab-Wings a lot for a point of comparison.
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