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But after a year later, the sofa in front of the floor to bleach, red floor into a white. The owner immediately sent someone to replace the decolored flooring, and said Ms. Wu is usually not pay attention to maintenance caused, and reminded Ms. Wu should always wax maintenance. Since then, she has been recommended by the maintenance staff to protect the floor,wood plastic composite railing on sales

paint stripping phenomenon still exists. January 12 this year, she will be sent to the floor of the Nanchang He Fang West Road, Jiangxi Province, building materials quality supervision and inspection station inspection, the results show that the paint plate surface wear resistance failed. She found the shop to buy the floor but found that the name has been a face-lift.balcony floor

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the agent had "Chong Xin floor," Ms. Tu. Ms. Tu told reporters that the floor decolorization is because Ms. Wu is not well maintained, Nanchang no brand floor of the dealer, and Ms. Wu can directly reflect the problem to the manufacturers. But the reporter in accordance with Ms. Tu and Ms. Wu to provide the number of contact "Chong Xin floor" manufacturers,wood deck terrace landscape
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