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moistureproof membrane coupling place with 65 mm wide plastic tape build a waterproof deck ceiling , ensure airtight (north can not). 3, keel spacing between should be less than or equal to 350 mm. Flat keel requirements, keel wants firm, not loose. Keel application corrosion material (width is greater than 35 mm) enclosed cantilever gate conversion , with a needle plate or high-quality multi-layer plywood.

spread a layer of floor, the keel floor should adopt the joinery board of environmental protection or environmental multilayer plywood. 5, base plate should be sawing not more than 600 * 600 mm, base plate how to build a bench using composite materials , between plate and the surrounding should leave 5-10 mm gap. Floor and keel with spiral nail connection is firm.

spread a layer of floor moistureproof film plastic wood in the united states the application of the article , damp proof membrane coupling place with 65 mm wide plastic tape, ensure airtight.

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