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Hi all, I am an audio engineering student from GTA. I have been living in a studio apartment for the past three and half years. After graduation, I am thinking of moving to my hometown, Calgary. Before moving out, I was thinking of clearing out my apartment and to take only the necessary stuff with me like my books, clothes, and other equipment related to my studies. And about other stuff like the mattress, table, chairs, etc.. I don’t know what to do about them. One of my friends suggested selling every other stuff on sites like eBay. Well, that pretty much solved my problem. But, the one last problem that is left to deal with is the mattress, which is in fairly good condition. So, here are my options:
First, donate it to some charity or to a women’s shelter.
Second, recycle it or call a junk disposal company from GTA- who will do the job for me.
Third, toss it to the nearest landfill, but I don’t think that’s an appropriate idea to look forward to.
Well, from all those three I think donating is the best option to go with. If my mattress can help somebody, then that's a good thing. Right..??? But the thing that’s keeping me from doing this is the condition of the mattress. It’s slightly torn at the edges. So, I don’t know.. Should I go ahead and donate it.???
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