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Hey everyone,
I am Christina and I live with my family in Winnipeg. I am a pet lover. I have two pets. I am mulling over the option of investing in the safety of my pets. I have been looking around to try and find an alarm system for my home. If someone actually did break in, my dog would probably be the first line of defence. I have had a very bad experience two years back when my pet had to suffer gruesome attack from burglars. Since I want a motion detector as part of my alarm system, I am planning to go with home video security system( ) in my premises. I already have one installed in my house. I researched a lot in this regard. Some articles suggest pet sensors and automatic door locks. Are pet sensors available with alarm security systems? Need valuable guidance. I would like to hear from someone who has used a system like this for pets and alarms. Thanks a lot.
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