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Hi all,
We are in search for some quality hydraulic lifts in Canada for our workshop. While searching for it, I saw one, but I’m confused whether to choose it. I would like to know your comments on this. Here are the specs of that hydraulic lift:
-Weight - 66.6 lbs
-Package- 19.3x17.3x14.5
-Lifting capacity- 300 lb
-Maximum lifting height- 34-¼ in.
-Minimum lifting height- 13-¾ to 34-¼ in.
-Platform dimensions- 13-3/4x16-⅛ in.
-Lift range- 13-¾ to 34-¼ in.
What is your opinion about this specs? Will it be worth buying one? If this is not satisfactory, can anyone provide good specs? It would be appreciated if you can give the details as early as possible. We would like to buy one this month itself.
One of my friends in Canada gave me the details of a hydraulic lift manufacturer in Canada. So, before I contact them, I would like to get the details of good hydraulic lifts. I appreciated for helping me in advance.
Expecting your valuable advice too.
Thank you.
Long way to go..
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